No blades, no bows. Leave your weapons here.
— Notingham Guard - Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

When I was a boy, I always wore a cape, a green silken one made by my mum. I had a bow like my idol Robin Hood, a wooden sword named Excalibur (obvs), and shield my granddad made me. I would run around making sound effects as I battled invisible knights and dragons. A few years later, my dad bought me a Sony Handycam and I was instantly hooked. I would make movies with my friends; fighting, plotting the downfall of kings, more fighting, becoming superheroes, teleporting and blowing stuff up. I took that passion and turned it into who I am today - a filmmaker.

I started Park District because it felt like the best move for my career. I didn't want to put my ambitions and goals in someone else's hands, I wanted to control my destiny. Working at Park District means I can push boundaries and create extraordinary emotive content - content that I can be proud of.  It sounds deep, but it's true! 

As an adult, I haven’t changed much from the dragon-fighting boy I was years ago. I still make sound effects and for a time, I  performed on stage in front of thousands as a sponsored beat-boxer. Nowadays I'm in an acapella choir.  As a child, I was captivated by knights and dragons, However, my new obsession is ancient Roman history - for some reason I connect with that period, possibly because of my Italian heritage. I'll explore that connection one day soon. Keep an eye out for that!

I like to workout, but quite unconventionally. I climb trees, which is awesome for both body and soul - I highly recommend it