That rug really tied the room together.
— The Dude - The Big Lebowski

For a long time I had no clue that I wanted to make films.

To avoid another dull powerpoint presentation for a school project I, seemingly out of the blue, came up with the idea to produce a short film. The best part about it was not having to speak in front of everyone and let the images speak for me. I realised how I had the power to show my audience what I would have struggled to put into words.

All the pieces of the puzzle had fallen into place without me noticing. I decided to drop the idea of becoming an astronaut and rather recreate space in a warm, cosy studio.

In hindsight I can see how my love for film evolved early on. Growing up without a TV, most of the credit goes to my film enthusiast uncle who introduced me to the most diverse selection of classics, indie films and a lot of Asia cinema. Anything but Hollywood blockbusters really (In case you wandered; no, I haven't seen Lion King and still had a great childhood). In this regard my background is possibly more pretentious than any film school could have offered me. As a result I do have a very critical eye and value nothing more than originality which transpires in my work.

Determined to kickstart my life as a filmmaker, I joined Park District for an internship before studying Film in Edinburgh. After a few terms however I was quickly drawn back to London and what I felt was the real world. I didn't think twice when I recently had the opportunity to join Park District once again since it is possibly the most enjoyable work place imaginable. So there you go; my job is likely better than yours. That's life.