Wait till they get a load of me!
— The Joker - Batman

 When I was five my parents took me for a walk around the set of Tim Burtons ‘Batman’. The buzz of the set combined with the scale and complexity of the operation influenced me in an unforgettable way. Behind the lens is where I belonged and I was hooked.

Later in life I found a new passion in extreme sports, specifically rollerblading. After years of practice, I started competing across Europe and the UK. It was through my enthusiasm for rollerblading that I started to find my voice as a filmmaker. I enjoyed creating short films that represented my lifestyle, shared my experiences and transmitted the excitement of rollerblading.

My dedication to film grew as I studied through university and beyond, working in various areas of the industry and practicing my trade at a professional level. In 2012, I started Park District with Ben and Phil and began a new journey in filmmaking. I still apply myself with the same dedication as I had in my rollerblading days and have a real passion for creating lifestyle documentaries that are truly emotive with a unique voice.